• Muhib

      Brad Smith

    • Voice of Muhib

      Khabir Hasan Shimu

    • Mother

      Rashi Tahiliani Mandhani

    • Voice of Mother

      Thida Shania

    • Young Muhib

      Seyed Aun Abbas

    • Classmates

      Aman Abbas Syed Aun Abbas Syed Hasnain Ali Momin Rushi Patel Muqbil Mehndi

    • Original Idea by Médecins Sans Frontières

      Dahlila Mahdawi & Ikram N’gadi

    • Production Management Executive

      Médecins Sans Frontières

    • Project Management by Médecins Sans Frontières

      Ikram N’Gadi

    • Written/Directed/Produced and Edited by

      Lucija Stojević & Andrés Bartos Amory Noon Films S.L.U

    • Director of Photography

      Andrés Bartos Amory Noon Films S.L.U

    • Lead Consultant

      Mayyu Ali


    • Animation by

      Richard Swarbrick

    • Supporting Animation Team

      Megan Yaxley Tash Dupker Adel Szegedi Will Howells Ollie Magee

    • Executive producer

      Danny Fleet

    • Producers

      Bertie Miller Brad Smith

    • Assistant Producer

      Lily Gilboy

    • Additional Editing

      Angela Kay

    • Director of Photography

      Ayomide Kirby Fabiyi

    • Binaural sound recording & sound design by

      Diego Pedragosa

    • Original Music Composed by

      Ben Chatwin

    • Cello performed by

      Pete Harvey

    • Additional Vocals performed by

      Ankna Arockiam

    • Mother’s Song Composed by

      Mayyu Ali & Ben Chatwin

    • Mother’s Song Performed by

      Thida Shania

    Graphic Design byStudio Miko

    • Creative Director

      Alistair Millen

    • Creative Director

      Laurence Denmark

    • Designer

      Sophie Ebbage

    • Designer

      George Messer

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    • Account Manager

      Pedro Sánchez

    • Operations Director

      Daniel Martinez de Leiva

    • Creative Director

      David García Carranza

    • Project Manager

      Laura Acosta Ignacio

    • Senior Developer

      Antonio Olmo López Sergi Ávila Maximiliano Miranda

    • Senior Designer

      Enrique Pedrosa Javier Santos

    • Translation Services

      Global Voices

    • Proofreading Services

      Médecins Sans Frontières

    • Sound Consultant

      Laura Tomás Cascallo

    • Camera Assistant/Grip

      Bernat Rueda Crespo

    • Production Assistant/Making of

      Yann-Marig Brézac

    • Mother’s Song Recorded at

      Small Dog Studio, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

    • Sound Engineer

      Ian Graham

    • Archive Footage Licensed by

      Associated Press Archive Getty Images Pond 5 Reuters Images Screen Ocean for Reuters Shutterstock Sky Archive

    • Special Thanks from Médecins Sans Frontières

      Muhib Arkani Around the world colleagues, offices and missions

    • Special Thanks from Noon Films S.L.U.

      Roger Soler Avisual Studios Barcelona Alba Bonells Jinal Patel Ana Juanatey & Luca Volpi Guillermo Martín-Sáiz Avi Astor Khabir Hasan Shimu Sakera Banu Momin Aman Abbas Syed Hasnain Ali Momin Anton Astor Lea Astor Aisha Prigann Neil Innes